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Birds of Crowland, Lincolnshire

Photographed by Paul Rance
With a Canon PowerShot SX620 HS

Crowland Damselflies photographed by Paul Rance While, on my blog, if you love photos of swans... Paul Rance's Blog: Photos of Swans and Cygnets in Spalding, Lincolnshire and Peterborough 30 Days Wild Swanfest ...and if you love nature generally... 30 Days Wild 2022


A collared dove in Crowland, Lincolnshire

A sweet collared dove. As you'll see from some of the photos below, this is a favourite vantage point for the birds of Crowland.

Swans flying over the River Welland in Crowland, Lincolnshire

Swans flying over the River Welland on the edge of Crowland

Blackbird in Crowland, Lincolnshire

A gentle male blackbird in Crowland

Young Crowland jackdaw

Cheeky Crowland jackdaw

Perky Crowland pigeon

A perky pigeon in Crowland

Black-headed gull in Crowland, Lincolnshire

A beautiful black-headed gull

Seagull in Crowland

An unlucky seagull in Crowland. A group of jackdaws got to the food this guy was after...

Robin eating in Crowland

This robin in Crowland had more luck

Starling family in Crowland, Lincolnshire

Enough for everyone - hopefully. An attractive starling family.

A rook in Crowland

A master of all he/she surveys. A rook in Crowland.

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